Why you should choose Microsoft SharePoint 2010

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SharePoint  2010 can be considered one of the underestimated Microsoft’s products in the industry. There are different reasons for this, but the main reason is that everybody sees something specific in the product and there is no common opinion what it is and how it can help my business. The tendency seems to has been changed and we can see from Microsoft reports that SharePoint is gaining more and more popularity. The product showed over 20% growth over the past year and its revenue exceeded $1 billion. So why has SharePoint become so popular among the developers?Here is the short list of the reasons why you should choose SharePoint  2010:

  • Custom Application Integration
  • Workflows. Easier business process automation and simulation
  • The use of MS Visual Studio. The developers can use this development tool for testing, compiling and debugging.
  • LINQ support. Develop the application faster on SharePoint
  • MS Silverlight support. Deliver rich GUI with Silverlight platform
  • Web Parts. The developers are able to add any new functionality to SharePoint sites
  • Integration with MS Office 2010. This is very beneficial for document life cycle management solutions
  • Sandbox Solution technology. It gives you the opportunity to deploy your solution not only on premises, but also on cloud
  • Ready components. The developers are able to develop custom business solutions using ready components which allow them to deliver the systems faster
  • MS Visio support.
  • Web Content Management engine. Easier to develop customized web sites
  • Performance Point Services. Create business intelligence dashboards easy
  • Developer Dashboard
  • SharePoint Designer. The developers can create no-code solutions on the SharePoint platform SharePoint 2010 SDK with documentation and code samples

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